12 Ways To Make Sure You Never Get Friendzoned

By Priyanshu Shrivastava

October 21, 2015, 7:39 am

Some nightmares really do come true and friendzone is the biggest proof of it. It’s the worst place a guy can be in. We hate how conveniently some girls mislead guys into believing they’re interested when they really aren’t. And, it’s time we stop falling into their trap! We tell you how to avoid putting yourself out there for getting friendzoned by the girls you like.

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1. Make her believe you have more options, even if you really don’t. Girls tend to get attracted more towards men who have a lot of ladies swooning over them. Make it look like she has a bigger chance of losing you than you of losing her.

2. Don’t be too vocal about your feelings towards her. Resist the urge to tell her how much you like her. Save it for special occasions. Keep her waiting for more, because the more often you say it, the less seriously she takes you.

3. Ditch her every now and then, deliberately. Have her know you won’t always be there for her. Stop being available all the time. Make her value you, know the importance of having you around.

4. Be unpredictable. The moment she knows she has you all figured out, she will start taking you for granted. You want her to chase you, not look at you as a standby.

5. There are certain things you should never discuss with her about her personal life – the guys she’s crushing on, her exes and her long distance boyfriend who keeps coming into the picture every other month. Don’t be her girl BFF.

6. You need to stop behaving like a doormat; she probably has a real one at her place already. She might consider you a great friend but honestly, no girl wants to date a pushover. Don’t be too submissive in front of her.

7. Stop trying to please her all the time. Be yourself. You don’t always need to go to a restaurant she likes. Once in a while, take her where you want to go. Most guys think the only way to impress their girlfriends is to agree with them, follow them around like a puppy. Don’t let your identity go for a toss. Let her see you as ‘boyfriend material’, not just a best friend. Show her scope of being more than a friend to her. Take her out on dates; flirt with her the right way and she’ll come back looking at you in a different light.

8. If she seeks comfort in you after fighting with her boyfriend and ends up ignoring you the moment they get back together, you need to steer clear of her. It may hurt to end contact with her but it’s definitely better than landing up in the friendzone.

9. Don’t miss out on the flirting bit. There needs to be some sexual tension between you two for her to get attracted towards you. Show her you know how to woo women, the right way. If you’re usually the shy kinds, surprise her one random day by taking on a completely different personality. If she’s comfortable around you, catching her off guard will work wonders in igniting that spark between you too. Caress her cheek casually, hold her by the waist, look into her eyes – there are a lot of flirtatious gestures that’ll have her know you’re really into her.

10. Demand clarity from her on where your relationship is heading towards. If you think she’s trying to friendzone you, tell her you can see what she’s doing. She needs to know you’re not stupid. A lot of guys make it easier for the girls to friendzone them just by not gathering the courage to stand up for themselves.

11. Every now and then, make plans without her. It’ll make her feel neglected and she’ll realize how much she wants to be with you.

12. Whether she decided to friendzone you or not is not under your control. But whether you get friendzoned or not is. If you think she’s on the verge of friendzoning you, walk away. You owe it to yourself. No dignified man would stand by a girl who needs him as per her convenience. You’re better off without a girl who doesn’t value your love.

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