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14 Unknown Facts About SRK's 'Fan' That Will Force You To Book Your Tickets Right Away!

So you are a true SRK fan and will be watching his Fan this weekend. Even if you aren't his fan, we know you'll still be watching the film. After all, it is S-R-K! But before you plan your weekend and get those bookings done, here

15 Reasons Why Lazy People Are Actually Really Really Smart

You call them lazy? It’s high time for you to see them as the smartest one in your clique. Lazy people may not be the first one to make the move when in need, but they sure do find ways. where they can get things

12 Ways To Make Sure You Never Get Friendzoned

Some nightmares really do come true and friendzone is the biggest proof of it. It’s the worst place a guy can be in. We hate how conveniently some girls mislead guys into believing they’re interested when they really aren’t. And, it’s time we stop falling

10 Reasons Why You Should Work In A Start-Up At Least Once In Your Life

It is, no doubt, a great opportunity to be placed in a reputed corporate job, but what no one tells you about corporate jobs is that they are uncomfortably quiet and have a restrictive scope of work. Moreover, if you a clumsy night owl, showing

9 Reasons Why Nice Guys Always Get Friendzoned

Why is it that girls always choose the douchebag over the good guy? And you cannot really blame her. When you choose to be the nice guy, you assume the first spot in that dreaded friendzone. Dear nice guys, here’s what you may be doing

10 Companies In India That Take Great Care Of Their Employees

With Godrej Group’s decision of uncapping the sick leave quota for its 4,000 employees, many other companies are now inspired to do so. Today, many companies are going out of their way to keep their employees happy. Here are 10 such, who are creating a

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